Friday, August 31, 2018

Before the Break

School is back in session. It's nice to be back, nice to be in contact with the students again, but the second we had a faculty meeting it was right back to bad feelings and suspicions, etc. I think we have the capability of doing so much good, but what usually ends up happening instead probably have similar stuff where you work, so you know the deal.
Just as we had all hoped, the reader report for the academic book came back and I'm over the moon about it. They liked the book a lot. There's work to be done, for sure, but I'm all smiles about it. Updates on that as we go. Fingers crossed we can get it out early next year.
The landscaping is done! I'll post pictures of it soon. I'm so happy with what the guy did. I'm just in the process of trying to make this place look like I wanted it to look when I first bought it. Now that the landscaping is done, and once I get it paid down, it'll be time to get the master bathroom redone. If you live outside of the United States, something you may not know is that we often put bathtubs in our bathrooms that aren't really actually big enough for the average American. As a culture, we mostly shower, anyway. So it's time to get that out of there and put in something more shower-centric. Something with a door rather than having to use a plastic curtain. I dunno.
The family that originally took in the other feral kitten, Luci(fer)'s brother, had to move away. In the process, rather than contacting any of us who were involved, they simply dumped the kitten at Metro. I happened to be looking at the pictures that morning (a habit that always makes me sad but happy at the same time), I suddenly see a cat who is the right age, the right coloring, and has the (I would say ridiculous) name that they gave him. So, I didn't have any choice...I adopted him that morning. I now have 3 cats. I keep making the joke about becoming the neighborhood's crazy cat lady. We joke about me buying the finest of moo moos and putting my hair up in curlers. Still, I'm glad he's here in his permanent home. Getting him integrated didn't take long at all, thank goodness. As I write this sentence, the two just-under-a-year-old kittens are playing chase all up and down the hallway and the 8-or-so year old is watching them with disdain from the window. We're five by five here, in other words.
I've been toying with the idea of taking a social media break and I think this upcoming long weekend will be the day to do it. I'll be back soon, of course, but I'm out for the next few days. Gonna go back through Code: Geas maybe, get caught up on grading, etc.
As always, thank you for your support of the books. It means the world to me that you guys are so positive and supportive of them.
Talk to you again next month!

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