Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The other D in DABDA

July was jam packed, so it seemed to fly by quickly.
My mother, my sister and her kids came in for a visit, which was fantastic. Not only did I get a chance to show them around the town, but we also loaded up and went to see Mt. Rushmore. It's not that I have some kind of massive reverence for the site, but this if you've been following these blogs you know that while I was growing up, we didn't do this type of stereotypical family stuff. Being able to do it now is really nice. By the way, if you get a chance to go to Rushmore, GO. When I went to Devil's Tower, it very much looked like it looks in movies (though I was still happy I went), but Rushmore looks NOTHING like in the movies...it's really breathtaking in person. The level of detail is astounding. I swear at one angle, it's like there is a glint coming off of Teddy's eyes.
Unfortunately, that all meant putting off the landscaping work I wanted done, so that won't start until next week.
I don't know about any other creators and what they are seeing, but I can see a drastic difference in the traffic to this blog now that the EU has their new law in place. I mean drastic. So, let me say this: if you're reading this, you're someone who has decided to stick around despite cookies, and I appreciate it.
I spent a lot of the last few months ranting, raving, retweeting political things on my personal Facebook and on Twitter. I've decided to cut way, way back on that. Not that I'm worried about any kind of retribution, but more that it seems like no one is listening. And I get that--I mean, when someone happens to come across my feed with something pro-Republican or worse, pro-Trump/pro-Jeff Sessions, I shut it out, too. I truly cannot see any way to even have a level headed conversation with those points of view (especially considering that, for most of them, I am considered some kind of evil at worse, and at best someone who is sick and desperately in need of therapy to be "fixed"). Every time Jeff Sessions holds a press conference, people like me lose rights. At any rate, it's likely going to cut down on my traffic on Twitter, but I'm okay with that. On the DABDA scale, I've reached "depression," the other D. It's going to take us at least a decade to undo the damage these people have done in just two years. I've said it several times, but when I finished the book that's next to come out, I never once in a million years thought I'd be living *in* that world just a year and some change later.
Speaking of the writing, with family in, you can imagine that work on the current novel has slowed to a crawl. The book is also about politics and the personal call to action, so it's a kind of therapy in a way.
I did finish up work on the academic book and I turned it in, as I mentioned last blog. I'm betting I'll be getting notes back from the readers sometime in the next few weeks.
It's hard to believe, too, that it's already almost time for school to start again. Time to start thinking about working out schedules of reading, putting syllabi together, etc. A sobering thought: the incoming freshmen this year were all born in the year 2000. That's insane to me.
As always, thank you so much for your support of the books. We'll see you here, again, next month!

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Amanda A said...

Glad your summer is going well! Good luck with the book!