Thursday, November 30, 2017

My cat, the Morningstar

So, with Turkey Break firmly behind us, we turn sails for the dead of winter.
November felt like it went by very quickly, and that is a kindness.
I have to admit I'm a little down, truth be told. No real reason for it, just the usual seasonal stuff. Nice mug of Earl Grey with honey and I'm usually right as rain. I've been thinking that over this break I might go over to the local hotsprings for a dip. I truly do wish I had some kind of hobby like skiing or fishing or something...something that truly would pull me away from the day to day like that, but that kind of thing just never really interested me.
Someone suggested that, as a way to break the block on the current book, I might start another book with no plan in mind, no idea what it's about, just something to write. I have taken that advice, but so far (to be fair, we're only a few days into the idea), it hasn't loosened the logjam. I just need to buckle down this next month and power through it and get it done. Not that it isn't good, far from it...I think it may be one of the better books I've written, in fact. It's just...not coming very easily. 
The kitten situation took a truly interesting turn this month. Once the process of socializing got far enough along that I could see that the kitten and Onyx were going to get along fine, it was time for her to start getting shots and to get fixed. We had a chase that morning, so I warned the vet when we got there at 7 in the morning that the kitten was a bit "bite-y." She laughed and assured me this would not be the first nor the last time that was the case. She said she'd call me when the surgery was over to let me know how things had gone. I went home knowing that my new kitten, Lucille, Onyx's little sister, was in good hands.
Just after lunch I got a call from the vet saying that things had gone just fine and that I could come pick up the kitten that afternoon. This was unusual because they had wanted to keep her overnight after the surgery. I asked about this and she said, "Well, that's because you don't have a Lucy, you have a Luke." None of us had ever really really looked, I guess. Being so young and with all the other craziness going on, no one, not even the vets, had bothered to, y'know, really get in there and have a gander. It's a good thing the doctor who was doing the surgery did, though, because they had already put the little guy under, shaved his belly and run an IV. They were seconds from opening him up.
So, Onyx doesn't have a little sister, he has a little brother. A little brother who had already learned to answer to the sounds "loo""see." Which didn't leave me a lot of wiggle room in the renaming. Over the next few days, after relating this story on my social media, it became clear that the popular favorite new name was Lucifer (on the current TV show of the same name, lots of the characters nickname the primary character, who is the First of the Fallen, "Luci.") So, though none of his behavior warrants it because you truly could not ask for a sweeter kitten, Lucy became Luci.
As it turns out, when the woman who livetrapped both kittens contacted the family who took in the other kitten, they checked and, sure enough--what we thought were two sisters were in fact two brothers.
Music has been on my mind a lot this month. Out of nowhere, after the pleasant shock of getting a new Beck album last month, this month we got a new Bjork album, Utopia

I say shock because, let's be honest, most of us were pretty sure we wouldn't be getting more new music from either artist ever again. I wish I could say better things about it, because Bjork is a genius and I love her work. Unfortunately, she continues to move further and further away from percussion, and percussion is my favorite thing about music. It's a brilliant album, it really is, it's just not for me.
Currently reading Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark (pen name for David Wellington)

I freely admit that I got interested in the book because of that brilliant Victor Mosquera cover. As I've talked about before, I come from the era where science fiction books always had covers with interesting ships and space scenes on them. It's nice to see that's coming back. Like album cover art, the art of the front cover of a science fiction novel is becoming a lost art. Luckily enough, the book is really quite good so far, too. Kind of a Dirty Dozen in space thing only with the good guys even more hopelessly outnumbered than that.
So earlier this month I did a quick survey from the Instagram and Twitter account to see who among those who follow me has also read at least one of my novels. I just wanted to see what the intersection is. After all, the whole reason for having all these accounts is to have ways to stay in contact with you guys. I'd like to do the same thing, here. So, if you are reading this blog, and have read at least one of my novels, could you take a second to leave a quick "yes" down in the comments? They're open--you shouldn't need to create an account to respond. I would really appreciate it.
During this gift giving season, please remember that there are all kinds of amazing books to be had from small press publishers. Even if you're not picking up one of my own books for a friend, colleague, or whomever, there are lots and lots of other brilliant authors out here on the fringes. Stop by Lethe Press or Queermojo or Arsenal Pulp press or Unnamed Press or Screaming Skull press or any of the hundreds of other small or indie presses out there and pick up a few new titles!
As always, thanks for your support, and we'll see you back here for my end of the year wrap up and top 10 lists! See you then. 

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