Tuesday, October 31, 2017


So we meet again here on the 31st of October, when the veils between the worlds are thin. lol
Happy Halloween. I have to confess, not my favorite holiday, but I do like that it celebrates, at its core, people letting their freak flag fly.
If I did get into Halloween, I wonder what I'd have dressed up as this year. Probably Kylo Ren. I'm feeling very Kylo-Ren-y these days.
I hope you had a blast at the party or low-key gathering or trick-or-treating that you did.
Thank you for the love you guys have been showing to the audiobook of Remains! It's been a wild ride seeing how people have responded to the book.
This month saw the release of a new John Green novel, the first one in years, Turtles All the Way Down

As I said in my Goodreads review of it, it wasn't perfect, but it was good. I don't mean to sound super hipster, but I don't know that he'll ever be able to hit the level of Looking for Alaska ever again. And, to be honest, I don't know that that should be something we should expect of him. He's an artist, and he's evolving like all the rest of us. It's a very good novel, though. I think the movie is going to be really great.
This month also saw the release of a new Beck album, Colors

As I said about it in a few places, this is a return to the Beck of interesting time signatures and strange rhymes. Look, was Sea Change a beautiful record? Of course it was. Same for Modern Guilt. But try listening to those albums without suddenly feeling suicidal. You can't. That's why I love this new record so much. It's interesting and polyrhythmic, and it makes me happy (especially "No Distractions").  This is a return to the more fertile ground of Guero and of The Information. 
If you've been following the instagram, you know that this month I took in a feral kitten. She's doing wonderfully well. In just four weeks we're already completely docile and working on meeting my other cat, my copilot, my man-in-Havanna, Onyx. So far that process has gone really smoothly. I hope it continues to. 
 I wish I had better news on the writing front. The novel is at 66K words and is stalled. I'm rethinking it on so many levels that I honestly feel like just walking away from it. It would feel so much more comfortable (and easy, given the state of the world right now) to just write some first person novel about a character facing a bleak world and a horrible past and barely making it through day to day because that's what I wrote for so long. It's familiar. Almost default in some ways. That's why this novel is so difficult--it isn't any of those things. Fingers crossed that this fugue passes.
Luxuriating, still, in Dylan Jones's Bowie bio, David Bowie: A Life

It is so well crafted and wonderful that I am reading it as slowly as humanly possible. It has things other bios, even though they are wonderful, simply don't get or gloss over. I had no idea he was afraid of flying, for instance. That makes me feel so much closer to him (I, myself, am terribly afraid of flying).
If you are participating in NANWRIMO, I wish you good luck!
Thanks, as always, for the support. It means the world to me.
See you after Thanksgiving!

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