Saturday, April 1, 2017

Interesting Times

As it turns out, we didn't really have to worry too much about the whitewashing of "Ghost in the Shell" because the movie just really isn't all that good.

 The material just doesn't translate all that well. If you've been around for a bit, you know I said the same thing about the reboot, "Ghost in the Shell: Arise." All the best moments in this current live action version came directly from the original 1995 film, anyway. So, do yourself a favor and just go watch that because it's a fucking masterpiece.
I've been really interested in H+ (posthuman/transhuman) studies these days. I'm about ankle deep in N. Katherine Hayles' amazing book, How We Became Posthuman

 at the moment and it is blowing my mind.
I just signed the contract on the book I keep calling Tygers. I'm confident that we can have it edited and ready for you to see by late 2018. That is if you're still talking to me after Remains (and here on Amazon), which comes out the first of June. I hope you've all pre-ordered your copies.
The current book is still creeping along. I swear I don't know what's wrong I just can't...well, I just can't. I don't want to shelve it, but I'd be lying if I said it had all of my attention right now. It's hovering at 28K at the moment, despite a real push during Spring Break to get through it. Sometimes I wonder if I should be that honest. I mean, John Scalzi doesn't moan about how difficult the current book is when he's writing. He just shows you adorable pictures of his cats and obliterates trolls on his twitter feed.
I love that dude (and his work).
As it turns out, I'm also in the middle of a house hunt. Tired of living in an apartment with a huge number of steps to get up before I can set the groceries down when the temperature is negative Iceland and the wind is at a billion miles an hour. A garage would be nice. I'm sure as soon as I find one and get it there'll be pictures on ye olde Instagram feed for you.
I wonder how the cat will take it.
The situation at work, like the situation with government in general these days, is best not spoken of. These are truly the "interesting times" that the old curse speaks of. I'll be honest, sometimes I find myself watching shows like "Colony" rooting for the aliens.
Still trying to get through Anne Rice's works. About pinky toe deep in Taltos at the moment and finding it vastly superior already to Lasher. I hope that holds up--I still have many books to go.
So, that's you up to date on me for March. Let's hope April does come in like a lamb...though that's not seeming very likely at the moment (if you are on my Instagram feed, you saw what the weather was like yesterday). Wish us luck, eh?

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