Sunday, December 4, 2016

In Praise of Special Agent Monica Reyes

I apologize. We are W A Y overdue for November. Chalk it up to what has been a pretty horrific semester/year/what have you.

To say I was disappointed in the election results would be the understatement of the century. I'm going to try not to rant about it, though. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness, as Kevin Smith likes to quote.
No matter how good cursing the darkness feels right now.
I will say this, though, and that'll be the end of it (at least here): the "I told you so" that is coming to the American people when this man starts to really put his back into showing his ignorance and foolishness will be spectacular to watch. I just wish I didn't have to watch it from inside the borders of the very country he is going to crash into a mountain (or the borders of a heavily Republican state).
Steven Berman and I have finished the edits on Remains and I think we both agree that it is vastly superior to the version I submitted initially. He's a good editor, and I found myself mostly just nodding my head and mumbling "of course" while I clicked "accept change."
Speaking of, the lateness of this post does allow for me to let you know that Remains has a blurb!:

"Readers won't be able to resist seeing the story through to the end. Warren writes about the living and the dead of small, Southern town-life, and from that unearthing comes a sort of resolution, a sort of peace." - L.A. Fields, author of Homo Superiors

This is especially exciting because I liked Homo Superiors a great deal. 
Remember you can pre-order Remains.

In other writing news, a central character from the book I wrote last year has decided he needs to be in the current work in progress. That turns the book from a kind of solo POV "Big Trouble in Little China"-ish thing into a kind of buddy cop book. Maybe I'm just watching too much X-Files. 
As an aside on that note, how amazing is Annabeth Gish

I am about halfway into season 8, and I'd forgotten how good that season was, and mostly because of her character. I think because I got the subtle suspense of season 8 confused with the goofy "alien super soldier" nonsense that comes later. I'd forgotten a lot of details about the character of Special Agent Monica Reyes, too--the writers low-key linked her to the same cases that the first season of True Detective is based off of. (the Hosanna Church satanic abuse case) I love the idea that a psychic sensitive, an X-File in and of itself, is one of the agents assigned to these cases. I only wish there was more for her character to do. Much like Subcommander T'Pol, she is a fantastic character who is criminally underwritten.
Had Gillian Anderson left, and only Reyes and Doggett remained, I think I still would have watched.
At any rate, so now instead of being Derek Goldstein's book entirely, he shares it with Special Agent Bill Harper. That means nothing to you right now, but it will soon (I hope). 
So, with another semester winding down, and another Xmas on its way, we find ourselves here. Given the shift that is already occurring if you live in the US, I wish you good luck. Batten down the hatches and hopefully we'll all get through this bullshit for four years.

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