Thursday, September 1, 2016

The End Of The Beginning

Running a little bit late this month. Story of my life these last few weeks if I'm honest.
School is finally back in session. No more summers where I don't work. I've already turned in my schedule request for the rest of the year. This summer I'm hoping to do a section of mythology. I don't know if it'll go or not, but it sounds like a fun way to spend the summer if it does.
The department I work for has never been housed all in the same space. We finally decided that we wanted that a few years back and so the school has been renovating an older building on campus to house us all. Naturally, the subcontractors screwed up their schedules so even as school was beginning the word was that those of us who needed to move (some were already housed in the building) likely wouldn't be doing so until late in the semester. Then, suddenly, word came down that our offices were ready at the end of last week. Not wanting to be one who let things drag on (I'm a big believer in ripping the bandaid off quickly), I set up with the various offices that would handle the move to move me quickly. By close of business tomorrow I will be fully in the new office (progress updates on the Instagram feed). Thing is, I forgot how long it takes to get approved for keys. So now I've made life difficult for some people even though I didn't intend to, and even then, the likelihood is that it'll be late next week before the keys come.
Sitting in the office I've had for 6 years filled with nothing but boxes and with nothing on the walls feels very, very odd. The end of the beginning, if you see what I mean. 
I created a stressful situation without meaning to, so now whatever issues crop up that create a headache for me I just have to accept as asshole tax.
I only got about 14 books read all the way through this summer. It's not like there was going to be a pizza party if I did more, but I'm a little disappointed in myself. I spent a lot more time watching X-Files (not exactly an unworthy endeavor, but still) than reading. Almost as many books went on the Did Not Finish pile (which were then donated to the "free books" shelves outside our offices for students to take). I really have no patience for books these days. I mean, I could see that The Master and Margarita was an important book, it and I just never really connected.
Rebel Satori and I are working toward a September 13th release date for Drowning Narcissus. We're "in the chute," as they say around here, with that release date just a few days away. As soon as it is out, you can bet I'll be doing Goodreads giveaways as well as Twitter giveaways of both physical and digital copies, so stay tuned to things there. I'm hoping to have copies available at the business talk/workshop I'm doing around the 22nd.
Right after me, Thomas Moore has his next novel coming out on Rebel, too, and that is awesome--he's very good. It's an exciting time for small press publishing.
One book I am interested in is Mark Altman's oral history of Star Trek called The Fifty Year Mission

Billed as complete and uncensored, I'm very interested to see what he pulls and from where. It's a neat idea.
As always, thank you for the support. It means the world to me. Have a great September, make sure to leave reviews of the new book on Goodreads or Amazon as soon as you finish (they really help a lot), and we'll see you in October where I hope to have release date news for Remains coming from Lethe Press!

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