Friday, September 30, 2016

I got a plant.

                  September has been full of ups and downs.
                  Of course the biggest up is that Drowning Narcissus is now in print! 

I can't stay unbiased. I love that cover. Sven at Rebel Satori gives good book design. 
You can purchase the paperback direct from Rebel Satori here. You can also get it from Amazon here if you prefer, and of course Kindle here. If you like to e-read on something other than a Kindle, you can get those formats here. Shipping is taking a bit here, early on, because outlets haven’t picked up the book just yet, but they will soon. Thanks for being patient with us on the shipping.
I’m on pins and needles for the first reviews. I won’t lie—I really hope you guys like it. As I said, It took a while to get it right.
               So that sends Jacob off into the sunset. I hope the guy has a good life after all. I think he will.
There have been a few setbacks with Remains over at Lethe Press. The editor and I both agreed that the first part of the book, which I had meant to be a kind of voice over narration, just didn’t jive very well with the rest of the book. We’re revising now, which is exciting. To see this older book continue to grow and stretch and become more than it was is really gratifying. It means we’ve had to push back from our October release date to a much more realistic June or July next year release date. I hope you’re not too upset if you’ve already preordered. Trust me, you’ll be getting a much better book because of it. Again, thanks for being patient with us.
                  I gave a presentation on the current state of the publishing business and how to break into it at our recent literary conference. That was an interesting experience. I had to articulate some things that had only been ideas floating around in the back of my head. Did you know about Kindle Scout and Inkitt? I was only dimly aware. I have to be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel about crowdsource publishing. On the one hand, it will give new, diverse voices an opportunity to make it into print. On the other hand, consider that some of the most important and powerful works in literature are the ones people vehemently dislike on first read.
                  As I’ve always said, the thing I like most about conferences is the sort of paraconference that goes on at the dinner or the bar later. This was no exception. The conversation I had with Mark Spragg about the state of diversity in the business was phenomenal. Getting to talk to Linda Hogan about racial politics and Native American issues was unforgettable. It’s a privilege.
                  I also gave a workshop that went over much better than I could have ever hoped. I was trying something different than I normally do, but still in the same transgressive fiction vain. I was worried there would be that first few seconds of optimism and then that look people get when something isn’t working. Luckily enough, not only were they engaged, they all reported that new pieces were begun from the exercise. That makes me very happy.
                  It’s all a bit Scotty seeing the Excelsior for the first time. 

                  I moved from the office I’ve had for the last 6 years to a new office this month. It took a few weeks to get settled in, get all of my stuff up on the walls, etc. It’s starting to feel cozy, but it’ll be a while before it feels like home. I walked past the old office last week and it was very strange to see that door that greeted me every morning for 6 years and know I didn’t even have keys to it anymore.
                  I even got a plant.

                  I’ve been rewatching The X-files at night. The cat and I have a routine where we end the night on the floor (so I can stretch my back out) with only the kitchen light on so that those very dark black values that the director of photography gets on that show can really loom in the frame. I’ve discovered more than a few episodes in the complete boxed set that I never saw (and I thought I’d seen them all). I used to think I just really liked Scully as a character. I’m now obsessed with her. I wish I could have written for the show in its heyday, which was seasons 4 and 5, when it was firing on all thrusters.
                  Off to a dinner and raffle thing tonight. Chance to win $10K. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get it (I won’t, but wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants).
                  As always, thanks so much for your support. As soon as you get your copy of Drowning Narcissus, I hope you’ll consider stopping by Goodreads or Amazon (or both) and leaving a review. They mean the world to me, and help other people consider whether or not they want the book.
                  See you around Halloween!

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