Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Obvious Joke

Already August. The summer is swiftly drawing to a close. Just two more weeks and I have to report back to work.
If I'm honest, though, I'm kind of ready for it. Last summer, when I was working on the book, it seemed like there wouldn't be enough time to get anything done. This summer, not really doing much heavy lifting, writing-wise, has been tough. The magick book is in early research phase, so the majority of the writing is spotty when it comes (though, I do have to send huge thanks to Sven at Rebel Satori for his suggestions re: books to help me understand certain aspects of magick in the contemporary world).
I've been to so many movies over the last two months that even I'm a bit movied-out. And that's saying something. Highlight was definitely "Star Trek Beyond"--it looks like the reboot universe, or what some are calling "the Kelvin timeline" will do the reverse of the other Star Trek movies (they always said even numbered Trek movies don't suck, but it looks like in the Kelvin reboot movies, it is the odd ones that don't suck). Lowest point was, unfortunately, "The Secret Life of Pets." To this day, a few weeks after seeing it, I'm still wondering how you make Kevin Hart not funny. The real surprise was "Central Intelligence." I expected just a joke fest, but there's actually a great message about bullying and a sweet storyline about moving on from High School trauma. I didn't expect that at all.
The book update is that we're just waiting on Library of Congress for Narcissus, so it could be any day now. Again, as I always say, keep an eye on Twitter for updates.
It's funny, but that microblog on Twitter is where the majority of my contact with you guys and with the world happens. When I started this blog, it was my primary way of reaching you. 
Today, just for giggles, I looked up the major stats of this blog.
It's strange to think about, but I've maintained this thing since June of 2008, about 6 months before Stealing Ganymede came out. That's crazy to think about. How much has changed in the last 8 years. For instance, back when I started this thing, a lot of people read blogs. Now people mostly get their contact from microblogging (mostly from Snapchat, really).
The statistics tell me most of you use Firefox over Internet Explorer. That's my setup, too. I was surprised that IE came in second, to be honest, and not Chrome (which comes in 3rd). The statistics also tell me that the majority of you are Windows users with the next biggest group being Mac users, which is common sense, but the interesting statistic is that the third biggest group are iPad users. There, too, you guys mirror my own usage. I get most of my information from my iPad. I honestly have no idea how I lived without it at this point.
Most of you who have read this blog are from America, but the shocker is that the next biggest group are in Russia, and then a real surprise--the third biggest group were French. Zdrastvootya and Bonjour, he said, making the obvious joke. Understand that if you are a reader of this blog who is gay and having to live in the horrible cultural atmosphere that Putin has created for you, my heart goes out to you. Stay safe and know that, no matter how horrible it is, it will get better at some point--madmen have a way of getting themselves taken care of.
Finally, the most interesting thing is that my two most popular posts are the one I did about how there were really 15 models of Cylon in the Battlestar Galactica remake, not 12 from January of 2009 (which you can revisit here if you like), and the one I did about the spider that appeared in an episode of Lost from October of 2008 (which you can revisit here if you like). Nothing I've written on this blog since has come even close to the numbers those posts still get to this day.
So what have we learned from all of this? Russian Windows users who read the blog via Firefox really like it when I talk about television, which is awesome, except that this blog is rarely about TV anymore.
If I'm honest, it's rarely about anything other than my frustration with how slowly the world moves in so many ways.
A whole lot of books have gone onto the DNF pile this summer. I'm just not going to sit through a bad book, y'know? As you can see from my Goodreads feed, the ones that have made it through haven't been very consistent, either.
Right now, I'm reading Charles Yu's novel, How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe
So far it is a really interesting take on time travel and regret. Really funny in spots, but also much more poignant than the title might lead you to believe.
So, downside? It's almost winter again.
Upside? You WILL get two books from me this year!
As always, thank you for the support, and I hope things are going well for you.

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