Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Moonshine and Microsleep

Just getting back from family vacation. As I said last year, these are a fairly new thing for my family. For the longest time, vacation simply meant traveling to one anothers' houses, with my mom's house being the usual destination. We didn't do big vacations when I was a kid, either. The main one I remember was when my mother packed my sister and me into the van we owned at the time and took us to her oldest brother's house in Las Vegas. This time was about meeting my mother's current husband's daughter for the first time. There were lots of great moments and some awkward moments, as is to be expected. Overall, it went well.


The house we stayed in was ultra nice, even with the faux log cabin look. I'm going to miss that beautifully decorated waterfall-style shower, that's for sure. We spent a lot of time teaching the kids how to play pool, and discovered that pool hall rules vary quite a bit from state to state. Sampled amazing moonshine from different distillers. Got lots of time on the porch to contemplate life and the future. Started working on a fingerpicked way to play "House of the Rising Sun."
As I always talk about, though, it's the travel to and from that creates the problem for me. I love getting out and seeing the country from the road, noticing the changes in how houses look and the differences in how people talk. I love it. But microsleeps were a serious problem this time around. I won't bore you with the details, but there were a few times where I found myself millimeters from disaster. I think my time as a long-haul driver may be coming to an end. And with my intention to never set foot on an airplane again if at all possible, that's going to have consequences.
It'd be nice if just once a conference or a vacation could be west of dthe Mississippi river, though.
So that was a nice break from things for a while.
As I've said, I have two books that I'm currently working on, the sort-of magick book, and what I have started to think of as the bdsm book. I like them both, but the magick book is starting to interest me more. I know it's unfair to say so far in advance, but I can't wait until you meet Sharky Jones.
As part of the research for the magick book I'm reading some books I normally wouldn't delve into. One of them is James Wasserman's In the Center of the Fire: A Memoir of the Occult 1966-1989

So far, I have to admit, it's not quite as...what should I say..."juicy" I had hoped. The style is rather plain and matter-of-fact about things that seem really sensational. I'm hoping that changes as the book goes on. Already, though, I've found it fertile territory for interesting ideas for the book (please note: I'm not necessarily interested in how "correct" it is. I understand that it is one young man's account of his own experience in a highly experiential, subjective world).
And, no, I'm not at all interested in joining a Thelemic order or taking up any of the other things that I'm studying. This is the research/first draft phase of the book where it can wander and stretch in any direction it wants before I begin to shape it in 2nd draft. At this point, I believe, it's most important for me to say yes to whatever interests me and find a way to make it work for the book.
You should see what I had to read and watch for Stealing Ganymede, y'know? But I am not any of those things.
Just the research is all. 
In Jacob Trilogy news, we're moving swiftly along. Proofs have been gone over and we have a layout that looks fantastic. There should be news on that front very soon. Keep watching on Twitter for updates.

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