Thursday, April 28, 2016

Food for Thought

If you've been following me on Instagram, you've noted that April has not exactly come in quietly. Spring, it seems, has forsaken the city in which I live. It's nearly May, and the high today was 41. I am less than pleased, to say the least.
What does please me, though, is that Remains, the book that I told you last update I had sold to Lethe Press, has a cover! Here it is:
Boss, eh? Also, so thematically on point that when I first saw it, I nearly dropped my phone. But wait, it gets better! Would you like to pre-order the book to make sure you get your copy ASAP? You can do that! Just follow this little linkerino right here. 
While you're there, have a look around, maybe snag another title or two. Remember that your purchases help support small press.
The last book in the Jacob trilogy has a rough draft cover at this point. We're hoping to finalize soon so that I can make a big cover reveal. Remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates like that. 
Still no agent to report for the current book. Lots of encouragement--lots of them say that they like the premise, but just couldn't figure out how to sell it. To be honest, maybe I need to go back to what I originally thought of the book and stop barking up what might be the wrong tree. Maybe this isn't a book for mainstream publishing houses. Maybe it needs to be on a small press to find the right audience. Food for thought.
Another semester swiftly winds to a close. Pretty ready for that, tbh. There's a family vacation to look forward to, true, but I also just need some time away from the continuous barrage of bad news. If there is a profession more hated than English instructor in this country, I'm sure I don't know it. It seems we can't seem to even catch a break with legislators and administration.
As always, thanks for your support. If you've read either Stealing Ganymede or Silencing Orpheus, would you be a lamb and stop by either Goodreads or Amazon and leave a review? I can't even begin to explain to you how much they help.
Here's hoping May calms down and starts to look more like Spring for all of us. 

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