Friday, November 27, 2015

The Great Experiment, part the second

Yet another November comes to a close.
I would love to say that it's been fantastic, but Winter is a difficult time for me. For a lot of us, I imagine.
It didn't help that the latest Bond film was really just another reason why I (and everyone else, really) should stop watching that franchise altogether.
There've been a run of disappointing books, too. For instance, I tried to read Melville's first novel, Typee
I wish I could say it was magnificent, that it was easy to see the early genius starting to flower. I guess you could say that was there, but it was the author of the cetology sections that was born in Typee, not the author of the eloquence and fire of Ahab's speeches. Don't get me wrong, there were a few beautiful sections--the overgrown monument section was particular beautiful--but ultimately I wound up catching up on a lot of sleep while trying to read the book.
As I said, a lot of books have been like that, lately. I don't even bother to give them bad ratings, anymore--I just remove them from my Goodreads book list and then donate them to the Free Books pile at work.
I've also given in to social pressure and started an Instagram. You may remember the Tumblr experiment of a few months ago. That didn't work out. So, call this the great experiment part two. You can follow me here. Just trying to do what's right for the books, you know? Photographing things is not an automatic reaction for me. Even philosophically (or whatever), it's not something I normally do. I prefer to try to remember. But this is what people do these days, so... I'll do my best to keep the content interesting (and at least nominally in focus). 
I'm also working on a website. I have to wonder, though, are there really advantages to having a central website, anymore? It seems to me a lot more occurs on people's twitter and Instagram accounts than on a main website. That in and of itself seems so crazy to me. From the time the first novel came out until now is only 6 years, but already the landscape is almost unrecognizable. So, while I am working on it, there's no guarantee that it will happen. More details on that as they occur.
Something I am excited for, though, is for winter break to start so I can dive back into the book. I know there are some major problems to solve in the text, but I'm anxious to get to them. I'm both horrified and keenly interested in the ways that the book has suddenly become extremely topical.
As always, thank you for your support, not just for me, but for the books, themselves.
See you next month.

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