Sunday, June 28, 2015

Equality for Once

Being an openly gay man, I am of course over the moon about the Supreme Court's ruling. All of the rulings from this past few weeks, actually. Many of the naysayers are out there screaming that these "unelected" people are deciding major policy. To them, that makes what they've done suspect. To me, it's the opposite--the reason that they can make the right decision is because they don't have to play to their "base" (though, to be honest, with over 60% of the population in favor of marriage equality, one has to wonder who they think this "base" of conservatism is any longer). I'm vindictive for feeling this way, but the wackjobs who are elevating their rhetoric in the face of having lost on this issue are someday going to have to explain their quotes and soundbytes to their grandkids, who will hate them. Knowing that's coming makes me happy.
I never said I was a good person.
The rough draft of the current novel is really taking off. Just this past week it crossed the 50,000 word mark. From almost all publishers' point of view, that's the dividing line between a novella and a novel. I'm just somewhat nervous about my search history *grin*. I'm having to look up things like CIA Black Site Prison locations and tail numbers for unlisted flights and hardcore conspiracy theories. Like real Fox Mulder-level stuff.
I wish the book was already done and I could start shopping it. Well, to be honest, I wish it was already out. Some of the best writing I've ever done is in some of these sections.
An awful lot of books that I start these days are winding up on the DNF pile. My general rule is that if I wind up taking more than three unintentional naps while reading, then I'm obviously not into it. It's what happened to Hilary Clinton's book, and I was really excited about that one. A book that didn't disappoint, though, was the fifth installment of the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey (the shared pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), Nemesis Games
This is a space opera series that delivers again and again because Abraham and Franck are extremely good at pacing and also don't forget that politics would still exist in the future. I've said a lot about the series before, especially in my Goodreads ratings, but I really cannot wait for SyFy channels adaptation called, simply, The Expanse.
Other than that, teaching, getting a lot of podcasts listened to, a lot of beer drank/drunk. I wish there was a podcast out there for indie books. I know, I know--"Why don't you start one?" Because I'm trying to write and teach at the same time. Someone go start one and ask me to be on it *grin*. Remember to look for indie and small press books, ask your library to stock them, ask your indie book stores to stock them. Not just for me, but for all of us out here working hard to bring you books that aren't safe, that don't sound like everyone else's. Make sure to stop by your favorite indie/small press' website frequently, too, because summer is when they tend to run discount specials.
Thanks, again, as always, for your readership and support!

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