Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Beast that Shouted "Blog!" at the Heart of the World

Things are rolling along nicely on the current projects. Almost 36K on the Aaron Miller novel (I know that means nothing to you right now, but I hope it will in the future). I only just this morning realized that the main character in this one has the same last name as the main character in the other project I'm working on which is a cycle of short stories that's sitting at about 10K at the moment. I'll have to do something about that in the rewrites. I wonder which one will get to keep the last name...maybe I put them both in a room and let them fight to the death over it.
It's been so nice to have a few weeks off before I have to start teaching again so that I can get back to these projects. A lot of changes going on at my day job, and not a lot of them make me super happy, so having the solace of a project to dive into has been wonderful. Because of the attention I've been able to give it, this particular novel (which, if I'm honest, has been a bit of a pain in the ass since I started it) has really started to gain shape and clarity.
Oddly enough going from being a simple structure, single-POV narrator to a non-linear, multi-POV has created clarity. Go figure.
I'm especially excited because one of the characters who was important but not a POV suddenly out of nowhere stepped up to become a POV, and he has some things to say about what's going on that are enlightening to even me, things going on that I didn't know about my central protag.
I'm absolutely in awe when this kind of thing happens, but it's never happened to this level before.
No news on Narcissus, yet. The press is a bit behind but steady. As always, you'll be the first to see the cover and/or know about a release date as soon as I have it. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Small press is still the way to go.
I recently got a scholarship of sorts that allowed me to kind of go wild with book purchasing, so I delved deep into my wish list to snag some of the more expensive books that I'd been wanting as well as some of those that had been on the wish list the longest. It looks a bit something like this:

God bless you, Amazon. Keep an eye on my Goodreads feed for reviews.
Speaking of feeds, I'm going to delete the Tumblr feed. I'm sure there are people who can use it to great effect to get word out there about their books as well as connect to fans, but I'm just not finding it. As the Whedon recently said, I think I can use the time I'd be dedicating to that much more wisely by writing instead of scrolling. I don't think there will be much of a public outrcy. Twitter will remain, though, because I find that to be very effective. I hope you feel the same.
As always, thank you for the support, and don't hesitate to tweet, comment here, or email me if you have questions, comments or concerns.

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