Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Updates are the Cruelest Updates

It has finally stopped snowing. It's still raining, but I can deal with rain just fine. Snow, as I've said a million times, may be pretty, but it makes everything that one has to do during the day a million times harder than it has to be. There is something to be said for not having to wait for the car to warm up, y'know?
Nice weather and the end of the semester means it's time to break out the Erykah Badu--the performance of "Annie" from VH1 Soul and the performance of "Back in the Day" from The Chappelle Show and "Afro Blue" from Robert Glasper's incredible album, Black Radio

The impact on sales of the Tumblr account, and quite frankly the traffic are not nearly what I would have hoped. I think it might go away very soon. It was an interesting experiment, but it really isn't doing what I wanted it to do in terms of either sales or of connection to readers. Again and again I just keep thinking that I wish I was 20 years younger so that Youtube was a viable platform. I would love to have that way of connecting with readers both those who have been around for a while and new.
For the past week or so, I've been reading Graham Robb's biography of Arthur Rimbaud called simply Rimbaud

I went into the book wanting very much to like it. I was a huge fan of Agnieszka Holland's film, Total Eclipse. To be honest, this may have caused some of the problems I experienced with the book. As you know, I'm always on Goodreads. When I went there to post my review after finally finishing the thing, I looked at others' responses to this book and I kept to wondering if they've read a different book than I did. I think that the problem here is that what Robb actually wanted to write was a book of literary criticism. Huge swaths of this book consist of Robb critiquing Rimbaud's works and/or responding to others' critique. There wouldn't be a problem with this, except that this book is not marketed as literary criticism. It is only barely a biography, and then almost begrudgingly. In both the lit. crit. sections as well as the sections that cover Rimbaud's life, Robb assumes the reader already has some knowledge of the rumors and stories surrounding Rimbaud. Again, this would be okay, except that most of the history section is spent "correcting" what Robb feels are falsehoods rather than just telling the story of Rimbaud's life. Again, I wanted to like it--things just didn't turn out that way. 
I'm off to go see Avengers 2, of course. I'm not made of wood, you know. There is a lot of chatter out there about the end of Superheroes and superhero movies, but you'll notice people say this every decade. I pay it no mind. I think that there are still interesting stories to be told in that genre, both in film and on the page. 
Thanks, as always, for your support. I'm hoping to have some news about the next novel next update--stick around!

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