Friday, July 25, 2014

July was not exactly a bust, but...

I would love to report to you that the 3rd book is now at 3rd draft stage and off to the publisher. Last time we spoke, I was just about to leave on a vacation with my family.

 Despite my vacation with the family turning out far better than I expected it to, I have accomplished exactly nothing since returning.
I did, however, complete the first literature course I’ve taken since 2009. A dear friend of mine is head over heels for the contemporary southern women’s fiction genre. Because of my difficult relationship with the South, I’ve avoided the genre (except for the film “Steel Magnolias” which is practically issued to you if you are a young gay white person in the South). I found myself frustrated at how so many of the social issues that I dislike about southern culture were ignored by so many of the authors, as I guessed I might be. However, I can say that one of the novels was quite well written. Check out The Funeral Dress if you get a chance.

The literary festival I’m helping plan for the college is going swimmingly. We even managed to find a small press author to come and talk about the amazing things that small presses do in this era where, let’s face it, large presses just aren’t really looking for new authors. That makes me happy. More info on that as we get closer to September.
So, just like last time, still some work to be done on the novel.
In other words, the biggest news around here is that the cat finally got one of those water fountain things rather than the gravity feeder he hated for so long.

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