Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Huge Year for Music (and me)

I had hoped to get August's update up a week and a half ago, but my grandmother passed away. We had lots of warning, and she was comfortable at the end, so it is sad but not nearly as sad as it could have been. It meant a lot of us from all corners of the country had to get back home, though. The ceremony was good, and it was good to catch up with some family that I hardly ever see. We all said that we wished it was under better circumstances. That old woman touched a lot of lives, though.
So, now I'm back home and it's time for the school year to start.
There is, though, huge news coming next week.
And it isn't just that Reznor is dropping another NIN album (which already would have been enough to make my whole year). 2013, it turns out, has been a H U G E year for music: brand new Bowie, IggyReznor and Dream Theater all in the same year. Enormous.

No, my news will come Tuesday of next week, and you're going to be want to be around for it. Keep watching this space for updates.

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