Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Writes of Winter

I had hoped to get a chance to make an update last week, but you know...plans aft ganging aglay and so forth.
As you can see above, though, all the beta readers have reported in on the next book. The consensus is that it's good, which makes me happy. They have some great suggestions to get the book up on its feet. A lot of work ahead, but with their suggestions, I know exactly what needs to be done, and that's a good thing. The "gags" all worked the way I wanted them to, which is the most important thing. So, on to the next phase--getting section 1 in to shape.
Going to drive for the holiday, I think. It'll be nice to see family and friends without the soul-crushing terror of flying that I live with.
Reading Brideshead Revisited right now. I've been having an urge to read it for a while now. Sort of putting together a list for an as-yet fictional "Classics of Queer and Proto-Queer Lit" course in my head. Then, I think it's finally time to tackle the books that in my head come under the monolithic name, "The Russians."
By the way, I apologize about the Twitter feed over on the right. It used to run beautifully. For the last five or six months, the app seems to break every five seconds, and no one fixes it. So I've forgone that in favor of a link that'll take you to Twitter to sign up directly for my feed. I hope you will--I do a lot of microblogging, especially about calls for submissions from Lambda Literary and others. Lots of news about indy and small press books (an obsession of mine), too.
Likely won't be any full updates until after the first of the year, here, so please do stop by the Twitter feed. Comment below or Tweet at me and let me know if you liked Stealing Ganymede. If you read the book, even if you didn't like it, please consider stopping by Amazon or Goodreads and leaving a review. They really do help others decide on a purchase, and I'd appreciate it a great deal. 

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