Monday, September 10, 2012

Escape of the Summertime

It's safe to say that the last part of the summer got away from me. From my Beta readers, as well, as they're not finished yet. I totally understand, though--August is like a greased pig: slippery, and desperate to wiggle free.
In the meantime, Silencing Orpheus is now up on the "coming soon" page of the Rebel Satori website, so we're "in the chute," as they like to say here in Wyoming.
I'm enjoying my time here, but it still feels very strange to type that state name as opposed to the others that I lived in for so long.
I can't wait to get started on the galleys of the book. I loved the black and white design of Stealing Ganymede, and I hope that the folks at Rebel want Orpheus to have a similar design.
Meanwhile, big book festival on campus here this weekend with the likes of Brian Turner, David Romtvedt, and the state's poet laureate, Pat Frolander, coming in. Full of Lit-y goodness.

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