Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Open Letter To The Texas House of Representatives

(RE: This Bill )

To Whom It May Concern,

Safe spaces for LGBTQ people are established to counteract the predominant force of heteronormative culture which already exists. They, not your measures, are an attempt to restore a balance which was already lacking. This is what your white, heterosexual privilege allows you to ignore: everything in our culture already promotes heterosexuality.

Practically every film I have ever seen in my life involved a man and a woman kissing and/or making love. Every pop song sung by a man is said to be about a woman, and vice versa. Every novel that gets canonized is filled with some man deeply longing for some woman. I would love to know how you think heterosexuality has in any way been slighted.

This is what angers me to the point of distraction about the current "Family Values" push--it ignores its own role as oppressive. As rhetorical aggressor. LGBTQ people wanting to have safe spaces and take classes that in some way remind them that there is a balance to be had are not somehow upsetting the balance, merely attempting to restore a balance that has been absent for the entirety of human history.

You feel attacked by these classes and centers because they remind you that your life is built on the lie of heteronormativity and white privilege. There is no attack on family, only an attack on ignorance. Only an attempt to create safe spaces. What you've done is take away the balance you sneeringly say you're attempting to preserve.

What saddens me is that someday, after we have already reclaimed the rights guaranteed by the constitution of the United States (which your state continues to remove with a glee that can only be described as horrifying), you are all going to have to try to justify to your grandchildren why you saw fit to discriminate. You'll have to explain how you used them, either in name or in suggestion, to promote a culture of ignorance. How you pandered to the lowest common denominator as a means of securing power. I feel sorry for that day which is coming to you. I feel saddened for what the state of Texas is becoming.

In No Way Yours,


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