Sunday, March 6, 2011

Epic Comicness

The people who run the local Friends of the Library sale are getting on in age. Some of my colleagues who have become very close friends and I are working to take over the reins. This year, we're just working behind the scenes to learn how the sale (which is far more massive than the name implies) works.
This year, that included sorting through the equivalent of 6 longboxes worth of comics that were not in any particular order. So, a friend of mine and I rolled up our sleeves and got busy on that today. After about 5 hours, we'd gone from having many, many boxes of completely unorganized comics, to stacks and stacks of unboxed madness (the picture above, which he took), to somewhat organized stacks, to organized and labeled boxes of organized sequential runs of comics. It was GLORIOUS.
Four things I learned today that were very interesting to me:
1) We both found ourselves incredibly annoyed by the fact that a complete set of 20 or more comics would be broken because of one missing issue.
2) The work was so fascinating and satisfying, that 5 hours went by instantly.
3) After working so hard on the collection, I found myself loathe to leave it. It started to feel strangely like "mine."
4) We both found ourselves trying to think about the mind that did the original collecting, and wondering what the logic was in collecting huge runs of books that neither of us would have enjoyed, and yet very small runs of books that we were quite excited to find.
I can't think of a time I spent a better 5 hours. Maybe I'm meant to be a comics librarian, instead.

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Carey said...

This is VERY cool.