Monday, February 14, 2011

A Rant

Pre-warning--this is a rant that I feel I want to put into the public space of my blog. If you're not particularly interested in hearing me rant about my personal feelings on a subject, perhaps this is not the post for you:

Every single social change movement that I can think of in the United States that was about equality eventually bursts through the bigotry and hatred, and becomes law. Women gained the right to vote. African Americans gained their civil liberties. And when they do get through, and a generation grows up with that new paradigm in place, the adults who thought they were "protecting culture" or defending conservative points of view have to explain to their grandkids why they were bigots.
Every single one of the legislators and pundits who are determined to put their homophobia on parade are some day going to have to explain to someone why they thought it was a good idea to deny rights to an entire group of people. It has happened before, and I have no idea how these supposedly smart people don't see that it can and will happen again.
This is what amazes me right now--these bigots, these homophobes, these ignorant idiots are GOING to have to explain themselves someday to a culture that has moved past their ridiculousness. Are they really so happy to make sure that day comes?
The short view of history they must be taking in order to be able to put themselves in positions like this is a view that I cannot in any way understand.