Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fate of the Phoenix!

Lately, for some reason, all I'm doing is the blogging equivalent of re-tweeting, and today's entry is no exception:

Richard Cook is doing this GREAT project where he is going back and reading the comics that came out in the month he was born. Today's entry brings him to Uncanny X-Men #137, the infamous "The Fate of the Phoenix!" issue. One of the things he said is:

"Of course, the subtext of the storyline is still depressing. A woman gains absolute power, so naturally she goes insane and has to be destroyed. Rumor has it that Byrne and Claremont initially intended to de-power Phoenix as a punishment for her actions, but Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter insisted that she die (because she’d committed genocide in an earlier issue). Regardless of their intentions, de-powering doesn’t change the subtextual problems."

What I say is: thank god someone else is paying attention. This is the exact problem I had with that DREADFUL third x-men film that attempted to tell the revised Dark Phoenix story, as well. Why is it that whenever a female character finally gains enough power to not have to ask for permission to do or say anything from males, she is immediately branded a threat, and someone inevitably says she must be destroyed? More to the point, notice that somehow or another the act of attaining that power drives any female character insane, but for some reason the worst a male who attains ultimate power has to worry about is going unconscious. This very same problem comes up with The Scarlet Witch--I've lost count of the number of characters who are hunting her with the intent to destroy her for altering reality. If I remember correctly, the only thing that Franklin Richards had to worry about was being grounded when he did something similar. It's a trend that bothers me.

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