Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silencing LGBT Youth in Print

Read this. I want to say "read this, and then go buy a copy so that people see when they try to remove books from shelves, there is a bump in sales." However, the book is now out of print. Which brings me to my next couple of points: 1) The book was published in 2000--so it's been on shelves for 10 years and there hasn't been too much outrage--I guess it wasn't as easy to openly attack gay people (especially youth) to score cheap political points then, so... 2) It doesn't surprise me at all that people would react strongly to a book from the Alyson imprint--the whole reason Alyson is important is that they tend to push boundaries, push limits.
Here's what should be considered (and the article gives some thought to this): Beck's group is using the public's discomfort with adolescent sexuality and identity to score easy points (especially straight parents' paranoia about the sexual orientation of their children in particular) and silencing LGBTQ youth in the process. There are all kinds of things to be said about people who try to defend the constitution by violating it, but in then end, to give more than a few sentences gives them the attention they crave.

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