Saturday, April 10, 2010

H Jon Benjamin

I love voiceover actors. One of my favorite things when watching animation is to try to figure out who the actor is before I see the credits. One of the actors that I really enjoy these days is H Jon Benjamin . His voice is instantly recognizable, and makes me laugh immediately. Something about the speed at which he delivers his lines, just a bit slower than "normal"--his cadence--it cracks me up before he even gets to the punchline.

He first came to my attention as Coach McGuirk from the animated series Home Movies :

then, as Dr. Orpheus' Master (in the form of Cerberus the dog in this clip) from the genius show, Venture Brothers:

currently, he is in the new series Archer on FX as the main character, Sterling Archer*:

*= the new series from one of my favorite creators, Adam Reed (the man who created Frisky Dingo)

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