Thursday, August 20, 2009


Stewart Lewis is a brand new find for me. I just finished his novel, Rockstarlet . I had picked it up because it looked like a good beachread kind of novel, but it turned out to be a solid, very well crafted novel. It's about a young musician having to make choices about going back into the closet as his career crosses over and takes off. After, I wanted to go to his website to express how much I liked the novel and found out that he's also a musician. And a pretty fucking good one, at that. Here are the two songs I heard that I liked most*:

"Shine" (from his appearance on the Josh and Sara show)

"This Is Not a Love Song" (from the album In Formation)

*=as I always say, I hope he won't mind me posting them here as a way of letting people know his work is out there and very worth a listen

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