Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Couple To Look Forward To

There are two graphic novels coming out very soon this year that I am very excited about. Because of that, I'm wanted to share that excitement. So, here they are (expect there'll be entries for them when they arrive):

Stitches by David Small coming September 8th.

Here's a great review over at Booklist.

Here is a fantastic interview done back in '08 over at Seven Impossible Things...

A section about the novel from his official website


And the other one is Exurbia by Scott Allie is on its way October 28th.

Here is a great interview with Allie (with some sample artwork from the comic by newcomer Kevin McGovern).

Here is his official website


M said...

I love that you are becoming our go-to guy for graphic novels. I just can't seem to get into the genre, so kudos to you for letting us know about the good ones.

J. Campbell said...

Yeah; I grew up with mainstream superhero comics and love them still to this day, but once I had my eyes opened to what else is out there, turning back wasn't an option. I'm happy to share what I find as I go!