Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Fraction

So, in part gajillion of my love letter to current Uncanny X-men scribe, Matt Fraction, here is one small bit of a recent X-Position, the question/answer forum for fans to communicate with writers on the various X books in the Marvel universe (the full transcript).

A fan asks (after a very recent Fraction written issue that resurrects Betsy Braddock into the Asian body she came to occupy earlier in the series, rather than into her original British body she was born with):

Also what was your thinking behind bringing back Psylocke's original body, only to fry it and put her back in her second one? Nothing against “Asian Psylocke,” I'm just curious…

And Fraction answers:

"To be brutally honest? I saw more value in bringing a character of color into the book than yet another white face. When I came in there were a whole lot of dudes and a whole lot of white folk around; I wanted very much to diversify the genders and the colors of the team somewhat without turning the thing into a Benetton ad or the cast of “Voyager” or whatever. I figured, since we were already asking people to buy a story in which a magic, bodiless psychic spirit performed a grand act of transdimensional psychic necromancy, that your suspension of disbelief had either long ago shattered or was impervious to anything I could throw at why not?"

Do you see why I'm head-over-heels, lose-all-objectivity in love with this man? *schoolgirl crush sigh*