Friday, June 12, 2009

Twenty-Siders for Life!

As I was telling someone the other day, The Formula (the wiki) is one of my all time favorite Star Wars fanfilms. For old time's sake, I rewatched it recently. After, I tracked down some of the actors and the director and I found that Chris Hanel has acted in other films (as well as writing, directing and doing effects work).

As it turns out, in 2006, he acted in Chad Peter's ( NP2K's official website) short "Roleplayed" (the official site for the film). I think both films are amazing, but I wanted to post this one here (and I hope that he doesn't mind me doing so in order to spread the word about this really great short film) because it is not an easy subculture to represent in film or in print, and he nailed it. He especially nailed some of the most cringe-worthy aspects of it in a way other than the typical moves that the SNL-nerds-who-write poking fun at geek culture in order to make themselves feel better make.* So, have a look at the film (NSFW):

Based on some of the things I see here, I'm going to try to see Peter's major indy coming out soon (or already out but just not around here), "Apocalypse, CA" .
*= though I have to say the near-incest aspect is not normally a part of that culture.

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