Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nearly Perfect

If you asked me to make a list of the top 5 films of all time as far as I'm concerned, the only hard question would be is "Alien" or "Blade Runner" number 1. The one that didn't take the first slot that day would immediately be in the second (notice how both come from director Ridley Scott; that's not an insignificant detail).
Most days? "Alien" wins. To me, it is simply the perfect movie, top to bottom.

That's why this (with a bit more info here) makes me very nervous.

VERY nervous.

I understand we're living in the age of the reboot. Hollywood has all but acknowledged that it is out of ideas; reworking an old property is a way for studios to cash in. Here's my question, though: what about the original film needs further exploration? Are they planning to bringing it into alignment with the awful AWFUL "Predator" series of films* just because Dark Horse comics made the regrettable decision to link the two franchises way back (and subsequently 20th Century Fox produced an awful AWFUL film to tie in to that lapse in judgment)? If that's the case, what sense does it make to take the original source material and do a prequel just to bring it into alignment with the later, watered down stuff?


*= the first film was passable for what it was, but it was straight down the garbage shoot for the rest of them; now there's a reboot in the works.

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