Friday, May 8, 2009

...I dunno...

*contains spoilers*

It's a good popcorn movie; a lot of fun.

Still, seriously? We're doing "Top Gun" with Star Trek? I don't know that I was impressed enough with the premise the first time for it to be charming a second.

On a details level, someone needs to pull Abrams aside and let him know how a basic military rank structure works.

I can let go of old continuity for this new one just fine, so this isn't the raving of an old school fan out for blood. I'm saying there's some fundamental trouble on a writing level.

Here's what is really bothering me, though: I'm a little skeptical when someone says they are improving something by making it apologize for itself. I'm also bothered by how quickly people have jumped on that bandwagon. Science fiction is a big enough genre that it can encompass lots of approaches--not everything has to be "Predator vs. Aliens." What I'm worried about is that putting butts in the seats (as this film surely will) will become more of a consideration than it already is, and lots of SF films doing solid work will be dropped in favor of those that are only fun. There's room for all kinds of approaches is what I'm saying.

Go see it; it's a lot of fun--but I promise this one will not still be great 5 years from now, when the hype has died down.


Beth said...

That's too bad. I'll definitely go see it--but I was nervous once I heard Abrams say he wasn't actually a fan of the series.
Also, on an unrelated note, Alien vs Predator is hilarious. I love how the girl and the Predator become BFF. It gave me warm fuzzies and hope that, if I am ever stranded in the arctic, fighting aliens, that I can befriend the enemy of my enemy.
Or...wait...would that apply to grad school too?

J. Campbell said...

It certainly does!