Saturday, May 2, 2009

District 9?

district 9 post

Before "Wolverine" there is a trailer for this film, "District 9":

I love viral marketing, and the Official Site for the film exists as though it's an information broadcasting website for the world inside the narrative. Here is another offical site that poses as a blog from someone inside that world (who happens to be one of the non-humans). The second I saw that I went from wanting to see the film to being absolutely entranced with the premise. So, I wanted to promote it. I like that, even in the trailer, the coding is firmly in place, and the cognitive estrangement is already working.

Here is the news site for the film.


cfa said...

That looks like something I need to go see.

J. Campbell said...

we'll make it a date night...we can sneak candy in your bag lol

Mira Chan said...

this is fantastic!! of course, it'll be 2011 before it hits japan. ugh.

J. Campbell said...

I hope it'll get there faster than that.