Sunday, April 5, 2009

Next Review

So, the next review is in, and it's great. Richard Labonte, who reviews books at Book Marks distributed through q syndicate says:

"Bloody shootouts, decadent sexual behavior, an underground sex cabal,
fiercely dysfunctional family life, teenage boys molested: this is not
a novel for the faint of heart - or the weak of stomach. Warren fuses
a gritty crime caper - first-person narrator Zeus enters the
transgressive tale as a hit man and hired muscle without a shred of
remorse - with emotionally complex literary fiction in which a
compelling, redemptive narrative elevates the repellent content. The
result is mesmerizing, particularly as Zeus evolves from cold-blooded
killer without a shred of soul to compassionate caretaker for
Ganymede, a boy he is hired to deliver to a pederast with brutal
desires – and in whom he perceives elements of his younger, abused
self. The compact novel’s chronology flits across time, so the
intricate story is hard at first to follow, but Warren soon enough
knits past and present together to dazzling effect. Unsettling, yes,
but this intelligent depiction of aberrant carnal lust and chilling
sexual abuse is haunting, ultimately more humane than profane."

With Book Marks available to so many outlets for distribution, this is major, major news for the novel, and it makes me really happy.


cfa said...

Great review. Great book.

J. Campbell said...

Thank you!

Christopher said...

Hmm is that critical mass that I smell?

Mira Chan said...

woo-hoo! brill!!

J. Campbell said...

Thanks guys!