Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Revolution

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day while we were driving to get coffee. During the conversation he sort of quoted a poem that I have long loved, Gil Scott Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" .

After a bit of conversation, though, I came to find that he didn't know the poem. Since then I've asked others and it turns out not a lot of people know this poem that I consider foundational. So, I'm posting it here not just to have access to it later should I need to show it, but also in hopes that others who haven't heard it will take a moment.*

If you're interested (and I hope you are), Heron's greatest hits are available on Amazon.

*=Of course, I'm violating copyright to put it here...but I'm hoping that, if anyone who is connected to the work stumbles upon it and is upset, they can see that I'm trying to educate.

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