Sunday, January 18, 2009

15, not 12

[Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen all of the episodes of Battlestar up to date, do not look any further down the page]

So, as of Friday, for those of us who follow the show Battlestar Galactica, a major mystery was finally revealed. Namely, the identity of the final Cylon Model. From the moment Six first told Baltar "There are 12 Cylon models; I'm number Six," we've all been waiting to learn the identities of all the models. It's fitting that here, in the last 10 episodes of the series, we finally have a more complete picture. I say more because, even as we finally learn the identity of the 12th cylon, there are even more questions to be answered. This is a trademark of the show, and why it warrants the level of attention it's been granted. So, here are the faces of the 12 Cylon models:

That is, of course, only the faces of the human models. Early on, many of us thought that perhaps the 12 included the Centurion

and the Raider

Turns out, though, that in reality, there are 15--after finding out that the Final Five were in the fleet, the raiders refused to attack anymore, showing sentience that we had guessed at, but finally had confirmed (before that, all we'd been told was to think of them as favored pets...wolves on leashes). Then there was the decision of one of the 6s to remove the inhibitor from the Centurions, giving them sentience, as well. Then, there are also the Hybrids , who exist in a halfstate, giving them powers to see beyond and give oracular utterances.

Along with all the important implications of there being 12 models for the storytelling and the symbolic metaphor structure underlying the show (especially in the final season), I think it is important to recognize that, while there are only 12 human models, there are 15 in total.

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