Wednesday, December 17, 2008

secret superhero fix

So, I think we have to face facts: Heroes has tanked, and next season they are poised for a barely-disguised Mark Millar rip-off. It's a shame, because they had a lot to work with, story wise. Acting wise...well, that's a different post. But I mean, they had Jeph can you tank with Jeph Loeb material? (for reference, his graphic novels are acknowledged as the inspiration for the recent Christopher Nolan Batman films). *sigh*

I know that many people who watch would be very uncomfortable going into a comic shop, so I thought I'd list some alternatives* I've come across (either by myself or on recommendation from others)to comics for those who are in that category, but still want their secret superhero fix:

From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain by Minister Faust. Here's the wiki. Here's the novel at Amazon.

I haven't read this one yet, but it intruiged me enough to buy it. Lee first suggested this author, though another novel. I loved that novel dearly, so I'm anticipating this one will be good.

Hero by Perry Moore. And here's the wiki. Here's the novel at Amazon.

I wish I could say this one was better, but if you have actually read some comics, you can see how derivative it is. Still, we have openly gay teenagers who aren't beaten up just for being gay, and the metaphor of masked/unmasked and coming out isn't bad at all. The story is just a bit of a rip off of some classic Teen Titans and Legion of Superheroes stories.

Superpowers by David J. Schwartz. At Amazon. He doesn't have a wiki bio, but here's an interview over at Bookslut.

Lee gave me this book after he read it, and it's fantastic. In the post- Bryan Singer world, where heroes in other mediums than comics no longer have to wear spandex, this is how individuals with powers in this day and age should be written. I *highly* recommend this one.

Soon I Will be Invincible by Austin Grossman.(here's the book at Amazon ). And here's the wiki.

I haven't gotten to this one yet, but it was another that looked good enough that I purchased it.
*= I recommend these, though I am often very disturbed at the willingness that those who write superhero fiction in novel form show toward stealing in part or in full the stories of writers working in the comics medium.

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