Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Batman Unmasked!

In honor of the release of The Dark Knight on DVD, and the news that Bruce Wayne has gone missing (if not dead) in the comics, I want to give a little attention to the one actor who has portrayed Batman the longest, yet you probably don't know who he is.

I'm talking, of course, about veteran stage, screen and voice actor, Kevin Conroy (at IMDB).

What I mean by that is this; if you look at his credits, he has played the voice of Batman in almost all animated features and series since 1992 all the way through the recently released anime-style-inspired animated film "Batman: Gotham Knight" (and, as you can see, there are more titles coming). 17 years as Batman; so much so that when I hear anyone else voice the character, even in retrospect (with Superfriends voice actor, Olan Soule ) it seems really strange.

So, Here is a scene from Gotham Knight with Conroy as Batman:

And here's part 1 of a 2008 interview with Conroy:

And here's another great interview that Conroy did with Dailypop back in May about the film.

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