Monday, October 20, 2008


One of the reasons that I wanted to watch some Lost was to check out J J Abrams and see what his aesthetic was all about. You see, the next star trek film (wiki) is under his control. Ever since the announcement, though, I've been really concerned about this idea of the rebooting of the original series.

Well, now the photos are out in a new article about J.J. Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise. The article is very informative, but some of my fears as a long term Trekker about the project are coming true.

Here's what I mean:

As one commenter said, I wonder where the genius bar is. This isn't the bridge, it's an Apple store. Not that I have any problem with Apple, but I'm worried about the "sparkle" factor. Initially, I thought the idea was to retro the bridge of the OS Enterprise to make it feel more like a middle step between the tech shown on Enterprise and ST: TNG . However, this looks even less like the other tech than the initial one did. The thing looks like iEnterprise; I bet it came with the latest version of iTunes on the desktop.

Now, do I understand that Paramount has to reboot the franchise to keep it relevant? Yes. Did I enjoy what I've seen of Abram's work? Yes. However, I'm looking at this reboot of the tech, and I'm thinking that maybe some changes have been made just for the sake of change. That's what I'm worried about most: if they want to change ideas for relevance, I get that. After all, look at Battlestar and how amazing the rethinking has made that show. However, remember that there was also a lot of rethinking that went into the reboot of Lost in Space , and we all remember what a steaming pile that was. So, I'm concerned about remaking just for the sake of sparkle, and so far these new pictures make me even more uneasy.

He says in that article linked above that there are trekkers of various levels of fanatacism on his staff. I'm glad he has people around to help him remember the history of the concept, but still--I'm dubious.


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