Sunday, September 7, 2008

"The Letter"

I believe very strongly in literary magazines in English departments. I published a lot in "Oracle" back at University of South Alabama. I even served as poetry editor one issue. I think that it gives a necessary first taste of the process of submission and publication.

I hadn't been very happy with my writing for my first two years at Illinois State. However, I finally got one piece to a place where I was happy with it and either because they agreed or because they were hard up enough for material, they took it. Either way, I'm still happy with the story for the most part.

Have a look: "The Letter" From Volume 3, issue 1 of Illinois State's fantastic lit magazine, "Euphemism".


Karma said...


I thought I was going to be in Illinois for a conference, but turns out I got confused by a sig line, and it's actually not going to be Illinois after all. Bah. I guess if I don't conference somewhere in your neck of the woods I'll never see you again :-(

brauner said...

So while I'm not really a fan of Sci-Fi, I found this short story to be impressively gripping. I finished reading it and craved more. Very nicely done.

J. Campbell said...

Karma, That's not true; the next time we're both in AL for holidays, we can try to catch up!

J. Campbell said...

Brauner, Thanks!