Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Heroes reborn?

So it seems that the post about webisodes isn't my only commercial. Still, I'm excited about this project, and I want to get the word out there about it. I am, of course, talking about The Next Avengers (the wiki) animated film that comes out today. It's written by Chris Yost who wrote some of the newer books at Marvel. I really really liked his work on New X-Men.

A first look at the film from IESB.net

Take a look at a video on the making of Next Avengers. Stick with it until the end; Yost says some really cool things about writing "kids."

Check out a bit of the documentary that's on the DVD about all the superpowered kids in the Marvel U.

What I like most about the project (besides that Yost isn't going to talk down to the audience simply because they are children), is that this isn't a "young kid versions of the same heroes" thing. That concept gets old about the thirtieth time you see it. No, these are all new characters, and a story designed to gel with kids living in the world of the 21st century.

I'm also jazzed, believe it or not, about comics product out there being aimed more towards children. All the hyperreal superhero movies that are out there are really interesting, and I love the really complex storylines that most comics have, but I worry that unless more projects like this (and others like Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius and Tiny Titans ) then we may be some of the last generations to enjoy the comic book.

Okay, doom and gloom aside: pick up the film via rental or purchase to support the project. I'm thinking I might get it to use in classes in the future. Sure, it may not be 1970's German cinema, but I think it will be important in its own ways.


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