Saturday, August 16, 2008


Normally, I wouldn't turn my blog into an advertising site. However, I only just this week heard about something that's going on, and I really want to share it because I think it's awesome, and I'd like to see it survive. So, I'm spreading the word.

I'm talking about NBC's new online-only show, Gemini Division ( official site ).

Why do I think it's important to support something like this? Well, even if we don't take into account how this moves us beyond the continuous deluge of remakes that Hollywood and those at 30 Rockefeller Plaza keep shoving down our throats, it also moves us forward in terms of how tech and entertainment interact. I say that because recently, Amamda Tapping (whose work I love, even though I'm not the biggest Stargate:SG-1 fan) worked on a webisode-based show, called Sanctuary ( Official Site ). It started as a web-only show, was picked up for full episodes by Sci Fi (starting in October). This trend of webisode-to-actual-show is awesome, and I'd love to see it continue. This seems to me (though I know this may be a bit naive) more organic way for entertainment to grow. After all, think about how grass-roots Afterworld was ( episodes ).

So, sure, Gemini Division sounds a bit like those dodgy final seasons of X-Files with the "who's a super-soldier?" business, but it may work differently, here. I can hope, anyway.

Episodes start Monday.


TimTodd said...

I am with you J. Campbell. Spreading the word. Familiar phrase, that. I liked Sanctuary, liked Afterworld, and I am looking forward to Gemini Division. I was invited to view a prescreening of the first two episodes. I review my experience and my thoughts in my latest post.

J. Campbell said...

awesome; thanks for the heads up!


Its so important that Gemini Division does well. It’s the kind of innovative product that injects the interactivity of the internet into the traditional lean back viewing model of old media.

Its success would bring much needed attention to a groundswell of indie interactive web TV projects like ours.

One gripe though is geoblocking the show to the US, I think its a cop out, failing to fully embrace the tenets of operating on the internet by making it virally distributable and available worldwide.

Deleted: The Game

J. Campbell said...

I didn't know that it had been geo blocked! That really disappoints me in a lot of ways.

Deleted: The Game said...

@J. Campbell - Brent Friedman has clarified though that it will be released internationally through Sony on multiple platforms like the Playstation. Its just means that international audiences need to wait. It's not clear when or how this will happen.

J. Campbell said...

I'm glad to hear that. Especially now that I've seen the first two episodes--I hope it can maintain that level of suspence and writing.