Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LGBT Panel

So, this past weekend was Comic-Con International's San Diego Comic Con . The superbowl of comic conventions. The convention is held yearly for comics, anime, animation, movies, etc...basically, if geeks and dorks(which I say with utmost respect and love, because I am one) love it, then they find out the latest in what's going on with it at Comic-Con.

I wish I could have been there, but the new laptop is my Comic-Con. I will go, though, come hell or high water, next year.

But it's not all people in amazing costumes and late night drum circles in the bowels of the convention hotel or sneak peaks at upcoming film projects. It's also a place where lots of discussion goes on. Just like at an academic conference, there are panels with guest speakers talking about their projects or their passions.

At this just-passed Comic-Con, there was an LGBT panel where several creators of indie LGBT comics (including Tommy Roddy, creator of my favorite LGBT indie, Pride High) got together to discuss their work and LGBT issues. Luckily enough, someone (I think it was Brian Anderson, creator of the indie comic So Super Duper!, but I'm not sure) recorded the entire panel, and has it up on YouTube. The panel is lead by one of the co-founders of the site Prism Comics, a site that keeps an eye on LGBT issues in comics both indie and mainstream, and one of the two major places to purchase indie comics on the web. The other link that you'll be interested in from the panel is Pink Kryptonite, a great site that also looks at LGBT issues in comics (but also video games, movies, etc.)

So, here is the first of the multi-part video where they all introduce themselves. Below it, I'll post the link to the YouTube page with the other videos from the panel.

And the link to the page with the other parts to the video


Mira Chan said...

again, i'm so sad that i was there, but i wasn't "there."

J. Campbell said...

I've never been, but like I said; come hell or high water next year!