Friday, June 27, 2008


So, I think that the day of the word blog is maybe waning. I think video blogging is the way things are going. I wanted to share here some of the vlogs that I keep up with. Doing this post, though, I realized two things: 1) some of the vlogs that I used to keep up with have disappeared, and 2) I had no idea how many vlogs from the UK I kept up with--they're the bulk of my subscriptions, apparently. So, below are the Vlogs and what I consider to be their most signature entry (none are the latest entry for the channel).

The most interesting of the Vlogs I've found lately has to be We Miss Reading Rainbow, a channel where anyone can post a vlog about what they're reading and what they think about it:

We Miss Reading Rainbow

Individual's Vlogs

Wayne (Waynooooo) from the UK


Andrew Bravener

Adam (What About Adam?) from the UK

Jankin0 from the UK



Blame Society Films (famous for their main series, Chad Vader)

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