Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I just this morning finished Aidan Chambers novel Dance on my Grave. I really enjoyed the novel a lot, especially how it totally embraced the fractured self using tropes of postmodernism in first person narration.
I was also very curious as to how a then-fifty-year-old man understands the way a gay teen boy thinks. I don't want that to sound essentialist, but it was something I kept thinking as I read.

So, like I usually do when I've finished a novel that I enjoy, I got curious about the author. So I found his official website, and then read his blog. He has some interesting things to say about YA authorship and criticism.

Here's are some quicklinks to his website and blog. Also, make sure to read his entry on May 16th. He's advancing some interesting theory about literature for children and young adults. Also, take a look at the "No To Age Banding" website/movement link. They have some really interesting things to say, too:

"Aidan Chamber's Website"

"his blog"

"No To Age Banding"

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