Saturday, September 29, 2018


Fall comes in yet again. The little tree I planted in the back yard lost all its leaves which was simultaneously adorable and sad.

School is well underway. Of course, that brings with it the usual bouts of drama. Again, I try to stay well clear of any of that stuff. The students are what is important--the rest of it, isn't. I entertain dreams of a healthy, calm workplace, but more and more I think that's a silly dream that never happens anywhere, one, and two, that it especially doesn't happen in the ivory tower. Oh, the stories I could regale you with.
Still, it is crazy to me that we're seconds from midterm. Insert cliché observation about time, etc. 
The academic book is coming along very quickly. The reader report was far more positive than I had any reason to hope for. I was over the moon about it. I'm working toward the deadline to get the few changes that were asked for complete. Here's hoping we can have it out sometime in the first half of next year.
Unfortunately the novel I'm working on right now is stalled. I'm beginning to think this is just part of my process--to get about 30k words in and then screech to a halt for a while. The two main characters got into the submarine and got away from their pursuers and are having the huge conversation that I wanted them to have, but I just can't seem to see where it goes after that. Who knows...maybe it's a novella that ends on a soft cliffhanger. Stranger things have happened.
The next novel you guys will see, though, is still in the pipeline. My hope is that it is either just about to go out to an editor or that it is already on an editor's desk. As I keep saying, I'm very excited for you to see it.
Well, excited and a little scared. The cultural atmosphere has changed. People seem to want their books to include virtuous and diverse casts of characters working to save the world right now. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's just...not what I write. The next novel that comes out is *especially* not of that kind. Can I be this honest with you? I'm not interested in virtuous characters. I write the kinds of characters that I'm trying to figure out, and more often than not, they wind up being...well...rather unvirtuous. They aren't good people making important statements about what it's like to be a good person in a fucked up world. They're terrible people, the kinds of people who tend to make the world fucked up, and they interact with other deeply disturbed people. Take Zeus from SG, for instance. He's not meant to be someone you want to emulate, he's not someone meant to stand in for the harried, put-upon everyman. He's a fucking monster. He might wind up doing something that you agree with (saving Gan), but he doesn't do it because of his deep seated goodness. This is what kind of worries me, right now. The culture seems to be set on art (and artists) being virtuous. I am not. My work is not. The characters in my work are not (and likely won't be, if I know me). I say all this because I wonder what people will make of Markus, and of Victor, and the choices they make. What people will say about the book based on this lens that the culture is using right now.
Like a significant portion of the world, I'm reading Hank Green's debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,

The ideas are fantastic. I get the feeling that he writes a lot like I writing scenes and then figuring out how to string them together. I truly wish I could be one of those people who diligently breaks the story and then outlines from that and then methodically produces a book. A plotter would be a fantastic thing to be. Unfortunately, I am a lifelong pantser. Still, the book is good. As usual, there'll be a review up on Goodreads soon.
As always, thank you for your support. It means the world to me.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Before the Break

School is back in session. It's nice to be back, nice to be in contact with the students again, but the second we had a faculty meeting it was right back to bad feelings and suspicions, etc. I think we have the capability of doing so much good, but what usually ends up happening instead probably have similar stuff where you work, so you know the deal.
Just as we had all hoped, the reader report for the academic book came back and I'm over the moon about it. They liked the book a lot. There's work to be done, for sure, but I'm all smiles about it. Updates on that as we go. Fingers crossed we can get it out early next year.
The landscaping is done! I'll post pictures of it soon. I'm so happy with what the guy did. I'm just in the process of trying to make this place look like I wanted it to look when I first bought it. Now that the landscaping is done, and once I get it paid down, it'll be time to get the master bathroom redone. If you live outside of the United States, something you may not know is that we often put bathtubs in our bathrooms that aren't really actually big enough for the average American. As a culture, we mostly shower, anyway. So it's time to get that out of there and put in something more shower-centric. Something with a door rather than having to use a plastic curtain. I dunno.
The family that originally took in the other feral kitten, Luci(fer)'s brother, had to move away. In the process, rather than contacting any of us who were involved, they simply dumped the kitten at Metro. I happened to be looking at the pictures that morning (a habit that always makes me sad but happy at the same time), I suddenly see a cat who is the right age, the right coloring, and has the (I would say ridiculous) name that they gave him. So, I didn't have any choice...I adopted him that morning. I now have 3 cats. I keep making the joke about becoming the neighborhood's crazy cat lady. We joke about me buying the finest of moo moos and putting my hair up in curlers. Still, I'm glad he's here in his permanent home. Getting him integrated didn't take long at all, thank goodness. As I write this sentence, the two just-under-a-year-old kittens are playing chase all up and down the hallway and the 8-or-so year old is watching them with disdain from the window. We're five by five here, in other words.
I've been toying with the idea of taking a social media break and I think this upcoming long weekend will be the day to do it. I'll be back soon, of course, but I'm out for the next few days. Gonna go back through Code: Geas maybe, get caught up on grading, etc.
As always, thank you for your support of the books. It means the world to me that you guys are so positive and supportive of them.
Talk to you again next month!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The other D in DABDA

July was jam packed, so it seemed to fly by quickly.
My mother, my sister and her kids came in for a visit, which was fantastic. Not only did I get a chance to show them around the town, but we also loaded up and went to see Mt. Rushmore. It's not that I have some kind of massive reverence for the site, but this if you've been following these blogs you know that while I was growing up, we didn't do this type of stereotypical family stuff. Being able to do it now is really nice. By the way, if you get a chance to go to Rushmore, GO. When I went to Devil's Tower, it very much looked like it looks in movies (though I was still happy I went), but Rushmore looks NOTHING like in the's really breathtaking in person. The level of detail is astounding. I swear at one angle, it's like there is a glint coming off of Teddy's eyes.
Unfortunately, that all meant putting off the landscaping work I wanted done, so that won't start until next week.
I don't know about any other creators and what they are seeing, but I can see a drastic difference in the traffic to this blog now that the EU has their new law in place. I mean drastic. So, let me say this: if you're reading this, you're someone who has decided to stick around despite cookies, and I appreciate it.
I spent a lot of the last few months ranting, raving, retweeting political things on my personal Facebook and on Twitter. I've decided to cut way, way back on that. Not that I'm worried about any kind of retribution, but more that it seems like no one is listening. And I get that--I mean, when someone happens to come across my feed with something pro-Republican or worse, pro-Trump/pro-Jeff Sessions, I shut it out, too. I truly cannot see any way to even have a level headed conversation with those points of view (especially considering that, for most of them, I am considered some kind of evil at worse, and at best someone who is sick and desperately in need of therapy to be "fixed"). Every time Jeff Sessions holds a press conference, people like me lose rights. At any rate, it's likely going to cut down on my traffic on Twitter, but I'm okay with that. On the DABDA scale, I've reached "depression," the other D. It's going to take us at least a decade to undo the damage these people have done in just two years. I've said it several times, but when I finished the book that's next to come out, I never once in a million years thought I'd be living *in* that world just a year and some change later.
Speaking of the writing, with family in, you can imagine that work on the current novel has slowed to a crawl. The book is also about politics and the personal call to action, so it's a kind of therapy in a way.
I did finish up work on the academic book and I turned it in, as I mentioned last blog. I'm betting I'll be getting notes back from the readers sometime in the next few weeks.
It's hard to believe, too, that it's already almost time for school to start again. Time to start thinking about working out schedules of reading, putting syllabi together, etc. A sobering thought: the incoming freshmen this year were all born in the year 2000. That's insane to me.
As always, thank you so much for your support of the books. We'll see you here, again, next month!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Over The Pass

All across the web, I see is people here in the United States trying to maintain sanity while the President gleefully destroys every bit of the advances we'd made in the last 8 years or so. Knowing that there are people out there stupid enough to cheer him on while he does so makes it harder. If you're someone from the U.S. reading this, I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. And I know that's the keep constantly fucking things up so that eventually people lose the fight they have in them.
For instance, as I've been talking about, the book I just finished and am now shopping around. I specifically wrote it as a fantasy novel. It doesn't do a lot of commenting on government or civil relations. I specifically wanted to write something my mom or my niece might read. And I'm proud of the book. REALLY proud. But it gets hard to keep submitting it for representation when it feels like I need to be out there in the streets.
But keep submitting it I will. So far, no bites, but the last "no" came with a "hey, I think my co-worker might like this" so that's what I'll do tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
I just got back from an amazing writing conference over in Jackson Hole. It was a fantastic time and the drive over there was gorgeous. Togwotee Pass is like another planet. That's the highest elevation I've ever been to without aid of an aircraft (the top of the pass is just shy of 10,000 feet above sea level).

 All of the presenters were awesome, but two of them rocked my world: Peter Heller and Jewel Parker Rhodes. Their craft talks gave me all kinds of new things to think about in terms of pacing within a scene and making sure senses are represented. They read from their books and I'm recommending you get these (yes, two of them are for a junior high-ish audience, but check them out, anyway):

It is nice to be back in my own house, but of course this is the start of what I always call the come-down. After three days straight of doing nothing but talking about writing with other writers, it's back to thinking about what I need to get at the grocery store and cleaning up cat puke.
The current work is just now crossing 20K words, so it's taking some shape, but still kind of finding out what it wants to be. The only thing I'm certain of (other than the basic plot) is that I want to write it in present tense, like I did Ganymede. I know critics don't like it, but I've missed that immediacy.
An unpleasant development: I've discovered that one of my neighbors has a kid who is a squealer. If you've been with me for a while, you know I had this same issue back at the apartment complex. I get that parenting is difficult, and there are some battles you have to just let go, but jesus...can you at least *try* to stop your kid from echo-locating? The notes this kid can hit are pealing the paint off my house, I'm sure of it.
Speaking of kids, I'm also in "get ready" mode. My family is coming for a visit in less than two weeks! I'm having a lot of fun thinking of all the neat tourist-y things we can go do.
Sincerely, thank you for your support and kindness to the books. I can't do what I do without you doing what you do, and I appreciate it. As always, if you've read one or more of my novels recently, I'd love it if you'd stop by Amazon or Goodreads and leave a review--I appreciate them so much, and even bad reviews help sales.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

From Tinker to Full Time

I don't know what kind of grass this house had growing naturally in the yards, but holy crap does it grow fast. If only it wasn't so patchy, I might leave it alone. The problem is it's patchy and full of three different species of weeds. So, next month, I'm calling in professionals. And look, I get it, all the research says that a lawn is a terrible idea, but there *is* something to be said about aesthetics, and I'm tired of my yard being the shitty looking one in the neighborhood.

My poor house looks like it has the mange, even when freshly mowed.
Of course, I wouldn't be thinking about any of this if Spring was not in full swing. Those days when it's 0 degrees with a 50 mph sustained wind and it's blowing snow directly into your ear, you forget that there can be days like this. This year, I'm trying hard to consciously remember.
As I said, as soon as school was out, I shut myself off from the world and got the academic book done. I got the go ahead from University of Mississippi press to turn the first draft in tomorrow (or, at least, the first draft that they'll see--I've been working on it a lot since they first said yes ten months ago). I'm excited for a lot of things, but I'm most excited to see what they might do for the cover. I'm going to suggest some artists--we'll see if they say yes to any.
Still shopping the newest novel, the one I just finished, around. Of course, I most want it to come out on Lethe, but I want to wait until we're working on the book I finished before this before I pitch this newest one. I know that publishers don't think this way, but I don't want to be a pest, y'know? I hope we get to work on that book soon, though--I really can't wait for you guys to read it and let me know what you think. I know it's not cool to say things like that--I'm supposed to be all aloof and shruggy and not care, but I *do*.
I had thought I'd be teaching this summer, but the days/times I offered my classes obviously weren't what students wanted, so instead I'm off this summer. Not terrible at all, but I hadn't planned on it, so now it's full steam ahead on a book I'd only been tinkering around with to this point. It's evolving nicely, though.
I've also been diving into my love of mecha anime. I'd never seen any Gundam series before a few months ago, if you believe it. It is crazy to me how wildly the quality of the various series swing. My absolute favorite so far? Still picking up new Gundam series all the time, but here's a list of worst to best (that I've seen so far):

6: Z Gundam (really bad)
5: Gundam Wing (mostly bad with occasional moments of ok)
4: Mobile Suit Gundam (the first series ever) (mostly ok with a few moments of good)
3: Gundam SEED (good with a few moments of awesome)
2: Gundam 00 (really great with a few moments of AMAZING)
1: Gundam Unicorn (amazing start to finish)

I have to admit, though, I don't think I'll be checking out the Gundam build series. It's not that I have a problem with Shonen anime, not that at all, but I just think reducing the concept of these sprawling space operas to a Pokemon style battle-anime type thing is a little...well...
Currently cruising through Stephen King's latest, The Outsider

So far it looks like a return to classic King. I have to admit that I checked out of Mr. Mercedes so I didn't read any of that trilogy after that. Doctor Sleep was okay with a few moments that stick in the memory. So far I'm nearly 200 pages into this new one and it's good. Fingers crossed.
I'm bummed to hear about Chuck Palahniuk's financial troubles. He's still one of my all-time favorite authors (as I always say, if Fight Club is all you know of his work, go check out Pygmy or Survivor or Rant). The scary thing is that it could happen to any of us. We put our faith in publishers and agents and, in turn, in their support staff, and yet at any part of that chain, things can go bad. It's sobering to say the least.
As always, thanks so much for your support, and for supporting the books as well as small press publishing. I hope that if you're one of my readers in the EU, the new cookies warning thing hasn't scared you off--I promise, if I thought they were taking your information and using it for bad things, I wouldn't have put this blog on Google. I thought carefully about where to host this thing.
See you next month!

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Website!

What a roller coaster April was. Weather-wise we were still getting snow all the way until last week!
Here we are in the last week of classes. This semester hasn't been as bad as some, but it will still be nice to put this one behind me.  One of the main reasons is that I taught a lit course this semester. Don't get me wrong, I dig doing that, but when I do, I like to read along with the students. While the books always give up new secrets and nuances, which is awesome, it cuts heavily into my own reading time. I think I've been on this U2 autobiography for months now. I love the band and all, but wow.

BTW, am I the only person on the planet that didn't realize they are *heavily* Christian? That's not a bad thing in any way, it's just not something I noticed at all until I read this book.
In the meantime, there is huge news! Ladies and Gentlemen and various non-binary-identifying bipeds! I am pleased to announce the launch of

Your one-stop-shop for all my books, this blog, and a way to contact me if you'd like to. It looks pretty okay, I think. Later I'm sure I'll put tweeks on it and make it look better, but still--there you have it! Please make it a bookmark on your browser.
I finally finished the full edit of the new book. The rough draft came in at 91K words and some change. The final-for-now draft that I'm pitching is at a lean, mean 87K. Some of the cuts hurt. They hurt A LOT, but in the end, the made sense to maintain pacing and structure. Maybe I'll do something separate with the cut sections.
The #DVpit event came and went. I won't lie, I had hoped for a stronger response to the book. Still, some people were interested. I'm in the process of making those contacts right now. I have a few other places that I'd like to contact, too, where I think the book could find a home. Fingers crossed!
I posted a picture about the final structure:
A post shared by J. Warren (@author_j_warren) on

Not splitting into chapters, but instead doing narrated sections is not exactly new to me (I did it in Drowning Narcissus), but this is only the second time. It felt strange, but I think did some important work for the pacing.
Time now to turn my full attention to the academic book and get that rough draft done so it can start through the editing process. It's still about 6K words shy of the line. Not an easy stretch, but I think I can get that done. I'll dive in to that next week.
Someone suggested that my next project might be a recovery of all the poetry that I lost when I had that hard drive crash back in '11. Though I'm not a poet anymore, I have thought about that as a project. There's that huge tub of poetry journals sitting around and it might be nice to go back through them, recover what is the least cringeworthy then edit that down to a manuscript of some sort. Would anyone want to see that, though? Let me know in comments, via twitter, or direct email from the website what you think about that.
As always, thank you for the support. It means the world to me that you continue to support these books and small press publishing in general. See you next month!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Blowing Past

March blew past me like someone on the freeway doing a hundred going the opposite direction. Where the hell did the time go?
One of the two beta readers had gotten the book back to me. She reports liking it, but pointed out a fairly major problem. I think we can fix it by installing a prologue. That's what I'm going to try, at any rate. I want to have the manuscript ready in time for the Diverse Voices Pitch (#dvpit) event on Twitter. That means I have to get my ass in gear. The other beta reader is AWOL, which has me very worried.
At least the book isn't a loss, though. She *did* like it.
I'm finding myself much more influenced by David Mitchell than Chuck Palahniuk these days. I think of it as a fairly natural progression for me, but I am wondering how people will take it.
On that same note, the Lambda Awards did come out with their short list for the prize this year. I won't lie--I'm disappointed. I *really* thought Remains had a shot. I'm not mad at the choices they did make, though--lots of absolutely fantastic books on that list. I just thought Remains was good enough to at least make the short list.
Onward and upward, I guess.
As you can see, the website hasn't come together yet. Still fiddling with it. I think soon, though. As I said before, keep an eye on the social media for a launch announcement. 
After 8 years of working from a home desk that was just a hair over 3 feet long (I wrote 4 1/3 novels from it), I finally decided it was time to move up to one that was more of a decent size.

 I know this would be a "so what?" moment for just about anyone else, but picking things like new furniture takes time for me, even when, in the end, I go with what could be described as the most bland, flat-pack furniture version of a nearly-six-foot desk imaginable. Still, it's nice not to feel so cramped.
An awful lot of books I start reading have been going on the "did not finish" pile, lately. I ended up not liking The Eyre Affair as much as I thought I would, for instance. I'm teaching an Intro to Science Fiction class at the moment and re-reading the books along with the students has been fun. This was my fifth time through Dune and I fell in love with it all over again. This is my third time through Neuromancer and every time I feel more and more for Wintermute's dilemma. This time through I went looking for art on the web to try to describe the cyberpunk aesthetic and came across Josan Gonzalez's amazing work.

Go check him out. Through social media I flat out told him that I hope someday to write something worthy of having his artwork on the cover. Quite a lot of my Instagram feed is just looking at artists, and I always think the same thing--"I need to see if I could afford to have that person do the cover for..." and then immediately feeling like the work would in no way live up to that level of talent.
It's April, so it's time for all "my stories" (as my grandmother used to call her soap operas) to come back on. Legion, Westworld, The Expanse...the writers working on these shows are not just good, they are benchmarks for how good writing can be. I'm also digging on some of the new shows, and I hope they pull through. AP Bio, Champions, Krypton...I think these show really great potential. Check them out if you get a chance.
As always, thanks for all your support. If you have read one or more of my novels, please do me a favor and stop by Amazon or Goodreads and leave a review. Positive or negative, they really really help other readers find my stuff, and I would really appreciate it.